50th Anniversary of Rome
Olympic Victory, Come Celebrate
With Us.

The event to be held, in three phases, with a four-week photograph exhibition to show the history of Abebe Bikila. The second event is the inauguration of Abebe’s statue. There will be three kinds of races: a marathon (42.195km), a 10km public run, and a three kilometre run for the disabled.

Purpose of the event
To celebrate Abebe Bikila’s 1960 Rome Olympic marathon victory.

Place of the event
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Objectives of the event

Major objective of the event
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Abebe Bikila’s barefoot Rome Olympic victory in Addis Ababa. This event will be celebrated by the people of Ethiopia, Italy and international communities.

Specific objectives of the event (competition)

  • To inspire the new generation of athletes with Abebe Bikila’s passion
  • It will help to bring out a new breed of athletes to the athletics stage and helps to replace the current athletes with a new face.
  • To develop a new era of relationships between Ethiopia and Italy
  • To organize the biggest marathon in Africa in the name of the legendary athlete , Abebe Bikila
  • To enhance the leisure and tourist industry in Ethiopia 
  • Other unspecific advantages

Structure of the event
We will celebrate the commemoration of 50th anniversary Ababa Bikila’s Rome Olympic barefoot victory in Addis Ababa.
Types of competitions to be held in the commemoration of 50th years of Rome Olympic in Addis Ababa

  • 42.195 km Marathon race
  • 10 km race for the public and
  • 3 km race for the disabled

Some of the rationale to organize races for the disabled in the tournament

  1. Abebe Bikila was disabled after he got tragic car accident. During his life time he participated in Paralympics through out the world. Thus, to remember part of his life, it is found necessary to include races for the disabled in the competition.
  2. Such kind of tournament helps to motivate and inspire the disabled person to participate in huge social activities and mass sport.
  3. To show the disabled persons love and support in action.
  4. It helps to bring out to the public those disabled persons who are shy and hide only in the house.
  5. It helps to reduce stress for those who have got mental disorder. 
  6. It also helps to demonstrate a better and bright future for the disabled persons.
  7. It helps to organize those who are working around the disabled such as governmental, none governmental and the public to meet and share their experience.
  8. It serves as a spring board to organize similar kind of events in the future.

Additional ceremonies to decorate the event:-

  • Displaying Bikila’s life time photo exhibitions in Addis Ababa
  • Inauguration of the newly built tomb statue
  • Displaying Bikila’s life time photo exhibitions during September Olympic in Rome

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